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Hello and welcome to my website! I am Connor Dickinson, a freelance programmer / website developer studing software engineering at QUT.

My skills and history

Born in London, I moved to Australia aged 4 months old. I grew up in Yeppoon, Queensland and now live and study in Queensland's lovely capital: Brisbane.
I have a real passion for IT and everything about it; from programming to gaming and everything inbetween.

Another passion of mine is science. Having won multiple high level science awards throught my schooling career I found a love for breaking down things around me and thinking about how they work and why everything is the way it is.

Aged 13 I created my first website. Quickly I fell in love with the world of coding and by 14 I was deconstructing Minecraft class files and modifying them to create my own simple mods. Between 16 and 17 I began to create higher level websites such as WorldExplorer. I also began to create higher level applications using Java. When I turned 17 I began to delve into the world of Virtual Reality using Google Cardboard. Quickly I found love and began to devlop small apps using Unity and coding in C#.

Outside of the electronic world, I became a tennis coach aged 13. At 14 I completed a Certificate 2 in Football coaching (Soccer). When I turned 16 I undertook a Certificate 3 in Tennis coaching furthering my knowledge of how to interact with others in a way which will most efficiently allow them to better their skills.

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Connor A. DickinsonFreelance Programmer

About Me

Currently studying an Engineering (Honours) degree at the Queensland University of Technology (focusing on software). Strong interest and experience in sport coaching and computer programming. Hard working, fast learner, enthusiastic, great team player with strong communication skills and keen to do the extra bit to see a job done.

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Connor Dickinson
Brisbane, Australia
E: ConnorAlexDickinson@gmail.com